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Velodyne ULD 15 Subwoofer for sale

For Sale
Velodyne ULD-18 Subwoofer - $300 (Wichita, Kansas)

Velodyne ULD-18 Subwoofer, this is a 400w 18 105 lb speaker with its own servo built in 1996. Please note, currently non-functioning but if you can repair it, it will shake your housecan also be used for parts. owners manual is included, located in Wichita, willing to meet ...

For Sale
Velodyne ULD Series II Power Servo Controller Model ULD-15A7 - $120 (Estacada)

Velodyne ULD Series II energy Servo Controller Model ULD - 15A7 , tall Efficiency Discrete Class B 400 - Watts RMS Continous Servo Power Controller to be utilized with Velodyne ULD -15 or ULD - 18 Series Subwoofer with Servo Interface just - complete definition and Info available ...

Velodyne ULD 15 Subwoofer

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