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Rare antique white glazed bricks - $4,790 (Germantown)

Memphis, TN 38111


Extremely rare used antique white glazed brick. My research indicates that these high quality hard glazed bricks were made by Hydraulic-Press Brick Company Hy-tex in 1913 in St. Louis, MO. They came from an old emporium in Memphis and were on the property of an old farm since at least 1939. ALL of these bricks have been cleaned but they are loose, not on pallets.These 103 year old stunningly beautiful white glazed brick are a once-in-a-lifetime find You will never find any more like them. Therefore they are perfect for any project requiring a truly unique antique look that will stand out from the typical dark used brick. They will make a one-of-a-kind flower garden wall or low wall along a driveway. Or perhaps a gorgeous bar-b-que pit. At 7 bricks per square foot 10 bricks per square foot for the partial bricks there are enough for about 275 square feet.SPECIFICATIONS 8 X 3 78 X 2 14 with hard bright white glazing on the 3 78 X 2 14 face. There are both solid bricks and bricks with two holes.1 Almost all of the bricks have at least some chipping on the edges of the glazing. Many bricks have fairly large chips and some are missing a corner or have part of the back broken off.2 There are about 1,370 whole bricks.3 There are about 810 partial bricks which are mostly 23 the size of a full brick.4 There are 60 corner bricks with glazing on one end as well as on the 3 78 X 2 14 face. ALL of the corner bricks have been defaced by a blow to the end glazing that resulted in a chip broken out. Both full and partial bricks are included in the 60.5 These bricks must be transported 100ft to my driveway no room for a machine, loaded on your truck and transported by the buyer. I put them in, you take them out6The bricks are for sale AS A LOT. CASH ONLY. No check or credit card or credit. My price is based on the following 1,370 full bricks $2.50 each $3,425.00 810 partial bricks $1.50 $1,215.00 60 end bricks $2.50 $150.00 TOTAL $4,790.00

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