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Rare pokemon cards for sale on US's largest classifieds sites (36 results)

1 year ago
Rare pokemon cards (harrah)

Wartortle 63/130 (2)wartortle 42/102 Moltres 27/62 Dark blastoise 20/82 (2) charmeleon 24/102 Charmeleon 35/130 (2) krabby 51/62 (2) charmander 46/102 (2)dragonite halo 19/62 also have more rare cards. See more


Oklahoma City,OK

Rare Pokemon Cards w/ Original Binder Selling Below Book Value

Very Rare Basic Pokmon cards. Pokmon Go is featuring this generation of Pokmon so a very cool gift for a fan of the mobile game. Price Guides value these cards much more than what I am asking. $75 OBO for everything including th...



25 Rare Pokemon Cards with 100 HP or Higher (Assorted Lot with No Duplicates)

An assortment of 25 rare Pokemon cards. Every card has a minimum of 100HP! All cards English-language. All cards have standard borders and backs. Because this is a random assortment, contents may vary.



First Generation Rare Pokemon Cards

I'm selling my full Pokemon collection. I don't have time to sell one by one so the whole collection goes to one person. Nearly all Pokemon cards are mint and perfect condition with the rare ones in sleeves. Feel free...


Salt Lake City,UT

2 years ago

I have a super rare professor birch's observations full art card ($15) and golden swalot card ($5) text is best 435-668-9496 text for photos



Selling rare Pokemon cards for almost exact value

Reason being is there are tons of collectors out there who have paid 50$ for a card (heck even I've done it) but I'm trying to slowly off some of my collection in Pokemon cards so here's what I'm selling I will slightly haggle o...

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2 years ago
Rare Pokemon Cards For Sale

MCharizard EX Secret Rare: $70 MCharizard EX: $45 Kangaskhan EX: $5 MHeracross EX: $5 MLucario EX: $15 Primal Groudon EX FA: $25 Magneton EX FA Japanese: $10 Kangaskhan EX FA: $5 Professor Juniper FA: $1...



2 years ago
Rare Pokemon Cards (206 Milton)

50 Cards Total: nineteen EX Cards seven Mega Ex Cards five Full Art Supporters Cards six Full Art EX Cards three BREAK Cards six Full Art Cards two Secret Rare Cards one Ace Spec Trainer Card one Ancient Mew Movie Promo Card Tot...



400 - 500 Rare Pokemon Cards. (las vegas)

Hello, I am selling my collection of Pokemon cards. I have a ton of cards. Great for any collector. Asking $75. Text only show contact information. See more


Las Vegas,NV

48 Mostly 1st Gen Rare Pokemon cards w 22 Holographics (oklahoma city)

Many rare pokemon, and even rare Japanese cards for sale. There are few second-generation ones, but most are from the original. Selling all together, no individuals. Cash only please.. See more


Oklahoma City,OK

2 years ago
Three rare Pokemon cards

Pokemon cards in trio: -Mew holo rare, 4/17, good condition, 50.00 USD total value (54.00 USD mint condition) -Mewtwo, EX, rare, mint condition, holo, 54/99, 50.00 USD value -Noivern break, ultra rare, mint condition, 113/162, 2...



2 years ago
Super Rare Pokemon Cards - $10

Virizion worth$25, selling for$ 10, mint condition. 2. Zekrom worth$16, offering for $15, mint condition. 3. Pikachu worth$25 , costing $10, very condition. 4. Darkrai worth $75, costing $60, excellent condition. 5. Rayquaza wor...



Pokemon Cards, Rare Holographics, Mint Condition Hoover

I have a lot of around 150very nice Holographic pokemon cards from when pokemon 1st became popular in the US (early 90's). Rare american cards, rare Japense cards, and all sorts of promos. I will sell indiviual cards, or the who...



66 Rare older Pokemon Cards - MINT (Golden Valley)

I have a lot of older Pokemon cards from when they 1st came out. I found them in my bookcase at my parent's house and have no desire to hold onto. In total there are 66 RARE cards and 1 uncommon card. There are 1st Editions, man...



Pokemon Cards (rare and ultra rare) (Kannapolis)

I am selling some of my Pokmon cards. These are cards from the generations packs. As you can see in the photos all the above cards are either holos or reverse holos with designs on them. A few of them are pretty rare. I also hav...



878 Pokemon Cards And 2 Battlefields And Rare Mew

I have 878 Pokemon cards. I have lots of energies and regular ones and rare ones. Pretty much just about everything and a super rare mew! I also have 2 battlefields that are in great condition and some damage counters and tokens...


South Jordan,UT

Rare collectable pokemon cards (littleton)

Text or call with interest and offers show contact details. See more

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Holographic Pokemon cards some rare (White lake)

Raichu 80Hp holo. 14/102 Charizard 120hp holo 4/102 Machamp 100hp 8/102 1st edition Dark Charizard 80hp 4/82 Scyther 70hp 10/64 Mistys Seadra 70hp 9/132 Drowzee 50hp 54/82 1st edition Eevee 30hp 11 Dark Hypno 60hp 9/82 Clefable ...



Pokemon Rare Holographic Cards (Lexington)

I have about 50+ Pokemon cards, all holographic, some first edition and some are rare promo cards. I am willing to part with any specific card(s) or will sell the entire collection as a whole. All cards are in attractive conditi...

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POKEMON CARDS from 13-fifteen years ago FOR SALE: RARES, HOLOS, PROMOS, VENDING! ALL in MINT CONDITION! I am NOT a STORE, this is a collection. ****************50% OFF RETAIL or MORE FOR REST of BOOK!!!!!******************* ****...



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