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Plastic toy soldiers for sale for sale on US's largest classifieds sites (8 results)

Plastic Toy Soldiers Napoleonic French Infantry Battle of Waterloo Painted Set 1/32 Scale 16 Pieces

16 Piece Set Painted Plastic Figures Napoleonic French Infantry 1/32 Scale More sets in our Amazon Store!



Army Playset 24 Infantry Figures Marx WWII Battleground Desert Fox Collectible Retro Items 1/32 Scale Marx Recast Plastic Toy Soldiers

Marx Battleground Playset Recast WWII US Army Infantry - 24 Figures 1/32 Scale Cast in Tan Plastic Collectible Retro Set



Armies in Plastic WWI German Infantry with Stahlheim Helmets Offered By Classic Toy Soldiers, Inc

WWI Germans, 20 figures in 10 poses in green unpainted soft plastic 1/32 scale (54mm) 2 1/4 inch tall Will go with all manufacture of 54mm products Will go with all marx 54mm products



Armies in Plastic WWI German with Pickelhaube Helmet Offered By Classic Toy Soldiers, Inc

WWI Germans with Pickelhaube helmets, 20 figures in 10 poses in green color 2 1/4 inches tall 1/32 scale (54mm) toy soldiers Will go with all 54mm products Will go with all Marx and other manufactures 54mm products



Conte Collectibles Vikings Plastic Figures 54mm Toy Soldiers Set 2

Conte Collectibles 54mm Plastic Figure Sets Vikings Soldiers Set 2 New 54mm unpainted 16 piece set in original packaging designed and produced by Richard ConteGreat addition to your toy soldier collection or special gift for a f...



Classic Toy Soldiers U.S. GI`s set #2, 16 figures in 8 poses 54mm Tan plastic

This is set #2 of Classic Toy Soldiers new released WWII GIs for 2011. Total of 16 1/32nd scale figures in tan soft plastic in 8 poses. Includes a three man artillery set. SPECIAL OFFER OF $17.95, regular retail is $19.95 WE COM...



lot vintage toy playset figures blue plastic soldiers Revolutionary War? MARX?

This is a lot of blue plastic soldier figures from a vintage toy playset. They appear to be citizen soldiers and maybe French and British soldiers? Im guessing these are from a Revolutionary War playset. Unmarked. --- Stated shi...



1970s toy Army tank and 34 soldiers, made by Processed Plastic Co.

Realistic-looking Army tank with gun that moves, along with more than 30 soliders in about six to 8 different poses. All made by Processed Plastic Co. in Montgomery Ill. My best guess is they're from the late '70s. $28 with ship...


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